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- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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Actual news

Our projects and clients

Waterproofing of the roof - c. Sofia
The next customer that we seek to lay the waterproofing, had tried to fix the problem alone.Bitumen was used aluminum tape on the ...
Waterproofing of two terraces with tiled apartment - c. Sofia, Lozenets
Our clients from sq. Lozenets trust in our company for laying the waterproofing of two ...
Waterproofing of the terrace of the church - the town Sofia (terrace 2)
Once finished with the waterproofing of the first terrace of the church in the town Sofia, our customers were ...
Waterproofing of the terrace of the church - the town Sofia (1 terrace)
Another object that laid the waterproofing is tiled terrace in the city Sofia.In the pictures we can see ...
Waterproofing visor block - c. Sofia
Our customers from the city. We sought Sofia waterproofing brim of the block.Waterproofing come to the following steps:    Cleaning and dusting of povarhonstta    Priming with ...
Waterproofing of garage liquid rubber Hydroflex-Universal - Sofia, Simeonovo
The next object that was made garage in Sofia, Simeonovo.Our company had to deal with several problems:Our first task was to ...
Waterproofing of terrace tiles - c. Sofia
Customers from the city. Sofia they sought to solve their problem with leaks, which had its two terraces.Overall tiles were not in bad condition and they turned out to be a good option to have their terraces covered with insulation ...
Waterproofing of the roof of an industrial building with liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal - gr.Blagoegvrad
The next client we look for waterproofing roof, which is covered with black paper layer. Customer trust us to make seamless waterproofing elastic membrane of liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal.Besides making the waterproofing of the roof before us had ...
Waterproofing of terrace liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal - Sofia
Another terrace with tiles that had to be waterproof liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal is located in Sofia. The terrace is at the penthouse apartment, which is on the top floor of the building. Here interesting thing was that the owners of the apartment ...
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